MEEPLE PARTY Cooperative Board Game

Created by 9thLevel

Meeple Party is a cooperative strategy game of puzzle-solving, and party throwing insanity for 1-5 people! You and your meeple roommates are throwing a party of epic proportions! Tons of meeple are invited so you’ll need to work together to make this party great! The Roommates and the guests have different personalities like the Jerk, the Flirt, the Party Animal, the Wallflower, and the Cool meeple who each have a specific effect on the room they enter. Roommates will need to welcome meeple to the party and mingle meeple around the party to meet conditions of photo opportunities featuring all the fun stuff happening by snapping a photo! Each time you take a photo the party moves forward in time. If you can make it through the entire party without stressing out you all win! However, things can get out of control quickly! Surprise guests will show up and mess with your plans! Potential disasters abound that you have to avoid! Roommates stress out! If ALL the roommates stress out the party ends and we all LOSE!

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