MEEPLE PARTY Cooperative Board Game

Created by 9thLevel

Meeple Party is a cooperative strategy game of puzzle-solving, and party throwing insanity for 1-5 people! You and your meeple roommates are throwing a party of epic proportions! Tons of meeple are invited so you’ll need to work together to make this party great! The Roommates and the guests have different personalities like the Jerk, the Flirt, the Party Animal, the Wallflower, and the Cool meeple who each have a specific effect on the room they enter. Roommates will need to welcome meeple to the party and mingle meeple around the party to meet conditions of photo opportunities featuring all the fun stuff happening by snapping a photo! Each time you take a photo the party moves forward in time. If you can make it through the entire party without stressing out you all win! However, things can get out of control quickly! Surprise guests will show up and mess with your plans! Potential disasters abound that you have to avoid! Roommates stress out! If ALL the roommates stress out the party ends and we all LOSE!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

25 days ago – Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 05:31:09 PM


In our last update we said that games arrived and would start shipping the week of 7/15, however that did not happen. There was a miscommunication and the games were not delivered to our warehouse the week of 7/8/19 but they did hit the US that week! The games have since arrived at our warehouse and have received the set up needed by our fulfillment service before shipping.  

Games have started shipping so you should see your copy of MEEPLE PARTY in the next week or so (depending on where you live)!


If you backed at a level that included items other than games (tee, necklace, pin, card set) these will be shipping SEPARATELY from your game.  Keep an eye out for a package from 9th Level Games next week with these items. If you added on additional board games those will ship with your copy of MEEPLE PARTY. 


If you backed at a level that included items other than games (tee, necklace, pin, card set) these will be shipping WITH your game.  


Once you receive your game we would LOVE to hear and see what you think! Please tag us & rate us on BGG!



Thanks for the continued support and understanding!  

about 1 month ago – Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 12:35:38 PM

Great news! The games arrived in our warehouse earlier this week!


Keep an eye out for an email from BACKERKIT pledge manager to make any final adjustments to your addresses.  You will have until Friday 7/12/19 to do so. 


Starting next week we will start fulfilling your rewards!!! So exciting!!! 


If you will be attending GENCON swing by the 9th Level Games demo tables in HALL D to say hi!  We'll also be in the TABLETOP CO-OP booth on the floor. 

Thank you for your support again in making MEEPLE PARTY a reality!

Party on, 

Heather O'Neill and 9th Level Games 

Manufacturing Production Copy Received & Shipping update
3 months ago – Fri, May 31, 2019 at 11:14:27 PM

1st copy off the production line is here!

We received the first copy off the line from our manufacturer today. By the end of next week all the games will be completed and will work their way through packaging and customs with an expected ship date from Asia of 6/12.   Once we have confirmation of this we will send an update. 

Shipping update 

Expected delivery is 4 weeks from ship date so it looks like games will be to us by July 15th give or take.  Our fulfillment service is ready to go and expects to have all games shipped within 2 weeks of receipt. 

***IMPORTANT: Please confirm that you filled out your survey (about 25 have not) and that your address is up to date!!!

Summer Conventions 

We'll be at ORIGINS GAME FAIR at Booth #507. If you are attending swing by to check out the fully produced game! We'll be running demo's as well. 

At GENCON we'll be demoing Meeple Party in Hall D all weekend so look for 9th Level and Meeple Party signs around. 

Full Components Picture 

68 photo cards, 32 surprise cards, 24 disaster cards, 2 party challenge cards, 9 item cards, 16pg rulebook, 5 larger roommate meeple, 35 guest meeple (6ea flirt, jerk, wallflower, party animal and cool and 5 surprise guests), 1 cat meeple, 1 dog meeple, 1 gift meeple, 5 cake slices, 15 stress token cubes, 1 velvet bag, 16 room tiles (5 4x4in player mats with rooms on reverse side, 5 4x4in rooms, 4 2x4in rooms and 2 8x2in rooms), 1 party clock, and 1 optional sticker sheet. 

So ready to get this game in your hands!!!  

Thank you, 

Heather O'Neill

9th Level Games

Pre-Production Copy Pictures!
4 months ago – Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 11:45:28 PM

Here are some pictures of the designer Heather O'Neill opening the pre-production copy of MEEPLE PARTY this week. We expect to get games delivered to us mid to late June. As we know more we will send updates.  Thanks all!

Designer Heather O'Neill opening the package from our manufacturer!
Designer Heather O'Neill opening the package from our manufacturer!
Box - Front
Box - Front
Box - Back
Box - Back

Production update, delivery and more!
4 months ago – Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 06:07:22 PM

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